Leading the Charge

Against Baldwin County’s Opioid Crisis

The Jace Waters Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to end the opioid epidemic in Baldwin County, Alabama through advocacy and outreach activities to those struggling with opioid addiction.

Our Mission:

To aid in the fight against opioid addiction through funding scholarships for transitional living, providing awareness for substance abuse, supporting affected families, and empowering everyone to help end the opioid epidemic in Baldwin County.

About the Foundation:

Together, we can end the opioid crisis in Baldwin County

The Jace Waters Foundation was formed in honor of Jace Waters by his mother, Julie Waters. Since our creation in 2017, the foundation has been committed to fulfilling Jace’s dream of helping others struggling with addiction find hope and healing through active support and transitional living houses. Our scholarships help provide a residential sober living environment for those who have completed a recovery program to help them practice life skills for a successful transition back into society.

Together with our supporters, we continue to fight against opioid addiction and substance abuse by raising awareness, conducting outreach activities, sharing vital resources, and spreading a message of hope and compassion to those who need it most.

Jace’s Story

Jace Waters lost his life to a heroin overdose on May 2, 2016. He struggled with an opioid addiction for 12 years. His use of drugs began in his senior year of high school with a sports injury to his back. Jace went to college, but had to drop out his junior year due to his drug use. He struggled with jobs, relationships, and his own feelings of failure.

Jace was arrested several times and entered several treatment centers to help with his addiction. In one of the treatment centers, Jace turned his life back over to Jesus and said that freedom was only found in God.

​Jace shared his trust in God with others in jail and rehabs. He desired to help others with addiction by sharing his story of hope, taking an active part in helping those struggling with addiction to get help, and establishing transitional living houses. The foundation is determined to do just that.