Rise from the Ashes

of Opioid Addiction

Battling addiction can feel like walking through fire. Like the phoenix, the Jace Waters Foundation strives to help those struggling with opioid addiction rise from the ashes and rebuild a brighter future through advocacy, outreach activities, and resources that support recovery.

Baldwin County:

Your Friend in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

In the face of Baldwin County’s opioid crisis, The Jace Waters Foundation stands as a beacon of hope to those who need support in the fight against opioid addiction. Through our dedicated advocacy efforts and outreach activities, we strive to help those in recovery rise from the ashes of opioid addiction with renewed faith and hope for the future. We offer scholarships for transitional living and share resources with families touched by addiction to strengthen support systems for long-term success. Active in both hosting and attending community events, we are committed to spreading addiction awareness and championing recovery. And our partnerships with like-minded organizations amplify our reach and ensure that essential funding and resources touch every corner of our community.

As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, our mission goes beyond addressing the issue of opioid abuse and addiction. With efforts that spread a powerful message of hope and compassion, we champion a community reborn and renewed.
Empowering Second Chances:

Scholarships for Transitional Living

The heart of our foundation lies in our enduring purpose to smooth the way for a full and lasting recovery from opioid addiction. We understand that completing a recovery program is just the first step on the road to a renewed life. That’s why we provide scholarships for transitional living to help bridge the gap between recovery and reformation. For those who have completed treatment programs, our scholarships help provide a sober and supportive residential environment where they can hone life skills crucial for a successful reentry to society.  Through dedicated financial aid and the help of our local community in Baldwin County, Alabama, we work to ensure every individual receives an opportunity to rebuild, revitalize, and rise into a brighter tomorrow.

Scholarships are available year-round to eligible applicants. If you or someone you know need a scholarship for transitional living, click the link below to learn more and apply at any time.